The Fund helps donors learn about the needs in the community and discusses their ideas to reach their goals.

The Asian Pacific Fund serves individuals, families, and their professional advisors by providing meaningful and effective ways to give back. Most donors look to the Fund for help because they are interested in the Bay Area Asian community. Some are long-time supporters of one or two agencies and are looking for ways to have a broader or longer-term impact. Some want to give and remain anonymous. We are also happy to assist donors who have broader interests outside the Asian community and simply like working through an Asian organization.  

In general, we are not involved in international programs. The Fund has received corporate and foundation support, often for special projects.


Donors like working with the Asian Pacific Fund because we offer personalized service and specialize working in the Asian community. We know Asian Americans are diverse, that their interests might—or might not—be influenced by their Asian heritage.

For Advisors

People rely upon their professional advisors to help achieve their financial and charitable goals. Many individuals and families make generous contributions each year, and they sometimes seek advice on how their charitable investments might relate to their business, retirement and estate plans. The Asian Pacific Fund is a resource to professional advisors, especially those with clients interested in the local Asian community.


We respect the diversity among Asian Americans and we strive to be responsive to the needs in each community. Although many of our donors support charities across a broad range of communities and needs, they often have personal priorities they want to address. Donors, through us, can learn about needs in Asian communities that they did not know existed. The Fund monitors issues in the Asian community and also receives professional advice in evaluating which programs and organizations to support.

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