The Asian Pacific Fund improves the health and well being of Asian Americans in the Bay Area through grants, selected education and public information programs and training for community agency staff. 

Education Programs

Education is a high priority for all Asian Americans, and the Asian Pacific Fund supports a broad range of education programs for youth from kindergarten through college. The Fund has invested resources to ensure that young people understand and value their Asian heritage, have more opportunities to complete a college education and to ensure that there are Asian role models in the highest levels of university life.


The Asian Pacific Fund is the only foundation in the region that makes the highest priority of grants to Asian agencies while directing funds to the areas of greatest need.

Training for Agency Staff

The Fund sponsors workshops and activities to help community organizations expand the resources they need for their programs and the people they serve.

Public Information & Resources

In the San Francisco Bay Area there are 1.5 million Asian Americans. The success many Asians have found in the business community and in higher education have misled people into thinking that Asians have no needs. In fact, there are as many Asian children who grow up in poverty as in the general population. In special areas such as mental health, primary health care, domestic violence, and navigating the public school system, Asians face unique challenges that typically receive no public attention in the mainstream media.

The Fund has taken on selected public information projects to address some of these needs. Often we have found partners who support or are directly involved in the development of the project, and we have sometimes aligned our grants to community based organizations to further our public education goals.

Annual Campaign

The annual campaign supports our grants, training and public information programs and the services we provide to donors who seek advice on the best ways to make their charitable contributions. 

Special Events

Every so often we put on events to celebrate our cultures, bring our communities together, and focus attention on important Asian American issues.

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